Tom Krause: Verdi - Don Carlo - "Per me giunto"

VERDI, Giuseppe

Don Carlo

"Per me giunto"


Tom Krause, professor

Mario Villoria Morillo, student

Madalit Lamazares, accompanying pianist


At the beginning of this aria, the student must not perform it so much emotional. The professor corrects him the pronunciation of some vowels, specially "o" and "a", which needs to be more open. To achieve this, Krause gives him some indications related to the voice placing and the sound support. This support must be firm and maintained for the whole phrase while the student sings legatissimo and without losing the focus.
Afterwards, Krause corrects the duration for a specific note and the point where it is suitable to breath for a certain phrase.
Prof. Krause insists on the importance of keeping all the time a good support so that the sound quality of the emitted notes is appropriate.
Finally, the professor advises the student to maintain the forte until the end.