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International Students

The project at the Reina Sofía School of Music has an international vocation: to welcome and train young talents coming from anywhere in the world. Each year, 150 students from more than 30 countries coexist in an inviting multicultural environment where music is the common language. We consider cultural diversity to be one of the core values of our educational project.

All foreigners who are interested in studying at the School will have access to advice and help with the necessary administrative procedures to formalize their stay in Spain. Likewise, the School’s team will be in constant contact with all students throughout the entire course to help them quickly and comfortably fit into the dynamics of the institution as well as in the life and customs of the city.

When planning your stay in Spain, it is important to take several aspects into consideration:

Student Visa and NIE

As of the first day of the course, non-European international students must have a student visa that allows them to obtain a NIE (Foreign National Identification Number) to reside legally in Spain. As this is a long process, it is advisable to go as soon as possible to the corresponding Spanish consulate to get information on documentation and the time necessary to obtain this document.

In the case of having a student visa from another European country (Schengen), students must likewise process their residency in Spain and get their Spanish NIE during the first month of their stay in the country.

Health insurance

Non-European international students must have private health insurance that is valid throughout the academic year (from October to June).

European students must have a European Health Insurance Card that is valid throughout the academic year or buy private health insurance during the same period.

Under age students

It is essential that under age students are accompanied by their guardian throughout their entire stay in Spain. If they are not accompanied by one of their parents, these may appoint a legal representative by means of a notarial document that verifies this decision.

Student Accommodations

The student must establish residence in Madrid for the academic year. The School has accommodation scholarships to help cover the costs of accommodations and food.


The official language at the School is Spanish. For this reason, all non-Spanish-speaking students will be offered an intensive course in their first year of studies so they can quickly familiarize themselves with the basics of the  language.

Additionally, in some classes the teachers use English.

Homologación de estudios

Los alumnos extranjeros que quieran realizar estudios oficiales de Título Superior o Máster deben homologar sus estudios previos. Para obtener más información, se puede consultar las secciones del Ministerio de Educación relativas a la Homologación de estudios no universtarios (Bachillerato) y a la Homologación de títulos de sistemas educativos extranjeros.