Young Artists Summer Camp

13-26 July 2020


  • A 100% musical programme for ages 12 to 17
  • Dates: 13-26 July 2020
  • Application deadline: 30 April 2020
  • Place: Madrid
  • Students are selected according to their level under our Professors criteria

A 100% musical programme

The Young Artists Summer Camp is focused as a musical experience, comprising instrument technique, our “Building an Artist” masterclasses and chamber music.

Many of our professors at the Summer Camp are alumni of the School with years of professional experience in orquestras and musical teaching, and are selected under the academic criteria of the School. All our instructors are qualified, and are in charge of organising the students and making sure they feel at home.

The programme divides the students in chamber music groups at the start of the first week and makes the most out of our facilities, where the students receive their individual and group education.

You can find the complete brochure here.

How do I know if this programme is for me?

The programme is designed for students of intermediate and upper level with at least two years of experience playing an instrument. Candidates will be selected according to teachers’ criteria.

El programa en horas:
  • Ten hours of individual class with the teacher of instrument technique. During this class, the teacher helps the student improve his technique by adapting to his level.
  • Two hours of attendance to classes of peers with the instrument technique teacher, to be chosen by the students.
  • Thirty hours of practice in booths. Therefore, the student can practice what he has learned or rehearse before class.
  • Eight hours of chamber music classes. During this class, different chamber music groups will have a joint class with the teacher.
  • Eight hours of chamber music practice. Students will have one hour to rehearse before the class.
  • Seven hours of masterclasses offered by great professionals within the subject “Building an Artist”.
    • Storytelling or how to enter the professional world of music. During this class, students will learn about career opportunities in classical music as well as how to write a Curriculum Vitae.
    • How to get ready for auditions, competitions and entrance exams, designed to teach our young artists prepare for challenges they will have to face.
    • Rhythm workshop where different methodologies are used, including body percussion techniques, small percussion and voice.
    • How to deal with stage fright: breathing exercises and steps to follow before going on stage.
    • Preventing injuries: physical and mental health. Both physical and mental health are essential for professional musicians.
    • The Alexander Technique: This technique is the art of making good use of our body, thus building trust and helping students relax their body and mind.
    • The value of music within society. How can we contribute to society as musicians?
  • Four* hours of culture. We organise several musical activities focused on the manufacture of instruments and attendance to rehearsals or meetings with great professionals.
  • On the first Sunday, students will go on a field trip to a musical experience.
  • Concert for parents: Performance of the chamber groups at the end of the programme, to be held in the School’s Sony Auditorium.

How can I get the Scolarship?

In order to obtain the scholarship covering the 40% of the cost of the programme, the student must fulfil our pre-inscription from (Available on the 8th January). Kindly note that we will require the following information:

1. A Curriculum Vitae of the student, detailing the training background and experience (students will be selected based on our teachers’ criteria).

2. A 5 to 10-minute video of the candidate playing the instrument with which he wishes to participate in the programme, sent through any file sharing platform (Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.).

3. A motivation letter of no more than 200 words, explaining why the candidate is interested in participating in the programme and what does he like about music and, specially, about his instrument.