Afterwork Cycle

Afterwork: Nomad Winds SUSPENDED

Friday 22nd of May, 2020
Auditorio Sony, Madrid
Following measures dictated by the Government of the Community of Madrid relating to COVID-19, all academic activities and concerts programmed by the Reina Sofía School from 10 March to 31 May are suspended, both dates included.

Tickets will be returned as follows:

-Tickets purchased online (Eventbrite): the full refund is automatic.

-Tickets purchased at the School reception desk: please, contact to arrange the refund.

Afterwork: Popular Latin Classics

The afterwork concept has been incorporated in recent years into social practices, as a parenthesis for leisure activities intended for co-workers to share a moment of relaxation and fun at the end of the workday.

Transferred to the field of music, it is conceived as a more relaxed format, which proposes a flexible program for the public in which classical music interacts with other genres, such as jazz or flamenco, in an environment conducive to sharing experiences.

The Albéniz Foundation has launched the Afterwork series with the goal of bringing classical music to new audiences, proposing a renewal of the traditional concert format.